Tax Management Services

Forensic Tax Audit Analysis

The designated Tax Specialist Veteran reviews the Tax Office’s investigation report, measures the legal sustainability of the assumptions, rebuts the after the fact Tax calculations and legal approach used to determine if the outcome of the Tax Audit report is waterproof. After the initial assessment has concluded the specialist  designs a strategy to address the disclosed results to effectively secure the envisioned tax credits.

Virtual Tax Partner

The Virtual Tax Partner is the alternative for the client to prevent hiring a costly home based tax specialist or high cost Tax support. The Virtual Tax Partner reduces the costs of separate service billing with 40%. The client may choose this service based upon a 2 year or 3 year term.

The service contract include the following:

  • Unlimited Online Tax Consultations
  • Unlimited E-Protest letters (N/A Appeals & Tax Analysis)
  • Unlimited Virtual meetings
  • Fiscal compliance of Financial Statements

Cash benefits

  • No office space is needed
  • No salary and social benefits obligations
  • No payroll taxes or penalties due
  • No severance payment
  • No Sickness without leave payments
  • No Office equipment purchase