Risk Management

Objectives, target and output

Doing business nowadays has become a new science on its own. Sales dropping, Cost of doing business skyrocketing, theft & embezzlement while positive cash flow rapidly deteriorating due to loss of market potentials, is the management condition that every entrepreneur is faced with.

Our firm is determined to champion the New Millennium challenges by presenting a proficient team of professionals that aims at solving the clients’ growing cost evolution bottlenecks, and effectively contain the financial felonies within your organization by preparing the practical management tools to activate a healthy business cycle. 

Prudential Tax Services in view of the growing demand offers the following services that relief the financial burden of the contemporary entrepreneur and contain cash outflow:

Administrative improvement:

  • Efficiency enhancing internal procedures (Transparency)
  • Tax Compliance oriented internal procedures (Tax environment)

Cash flow improvement:

  • Risk, Efficiency and Cost Reduction Audit (Cash Improvement)
  • Cash enhancement oriented Internal procedures
  • ISO Quality Management implementation

Intentional damage prevention:

  • Risk and Losses Audit (Theft, fraud and embezzlement oriented)
  • Elaboration of Fraud detection internal procedures


Containment of losses; Recovery of cash flow potential; financial transparency to detect faulty handling.