About Prudential Tax Services

Management, Objectives and Targets

The firm is managed by Mrs. Natasha Gumbs, a Sint Maarten professional with over 16 years of accounting and tax consulting proven track record, of which over 10+ years as an executive consultant. The office is conveniently located in Backstreet 166 and caters to Small and Medium Size Enterprises in several administrative fields in the Dutch Caribbean. Next to the day to day Accounting and Tax Services package, a newly re-formatted work structure offers a wider service spectrum to engage cash flow sustainability improvement, with target on a larger business market.

Associates accreditation

Our international and home based team is comprised of Accounting professionals certified by worldwide recognized organizations like ISO, BASC, IIA and NIVRA, strategically located in the Dutch Caribbean, Latin America, USA and Europe supporting a continuously interacting platform providing clients with management recommendations.

Our local team combined with the expertise of our international network will provide every client with the necessary tools to maximize the client’s cash flow and prevent taxation overexposure resulting in positive cash improvement, relocating the stakeholders in an economic privileged position.